Want to achieve WORK LIFE BALANCE and FINANCIAL FREEDOM without leaving your current position?

This is achievable as an RN!



Earn 30 Continuing Education hours!



as a

Legal Nurse Consultant

If you have:
  • More than 10 years experience
  • or Management experience
  • or a graduate degree

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

DISCOVER THE NEW STRATEGY for nurses across the US that will increase their income while reducing their hours!


This industry has a huge demand that can reward your experience with a lucrative salary, while allowing you to set your own schedule.

  • You don’t have to leave your clinical skills behind.
  • You are uniquely qualified as a Nurse.
IMAGINE earning over $100,000 within a few years of owning your own practice, all while keeping your current job.
You can also -
  • Work per diem.
  • Take a job with less stress.
  • Start your retirement early!
And you can do this ALL with our RNHomeOffice System!

The RNHomeOffice system has produced these AMAZING results and MORE, in less than three years!

Our proven training course will teach you how to utilize your credentials and experience to start your own business working from home. can help you dramatically change your work reality, while keeping you involved in your clinical specialty.

Whether you’re just starting out or have experience and want:
  • To explore alternate work possibilities
  • To gain more control over your weekly hours
  • A flexible work schedule
  • To increase your financial freedom and security
  • To enjoy more family time
  • To change your professional environment
  • To become a valued expert
  • To learn new skills
  • To prevent FOMO
You don’t have to:
  • Quit your job
  • Stop using your clinical skills
  • Reduce your current income
  • Take unnecessary risks
  • Obtain additional degrees or certifications
You will:
  • Gain new opportunities
  • Grow your professional career
  • Become proficient in a new field
  • Continue to do good and help people
  • Increase control of your work environment

There’s no time to lose!

The demand for skilled RNs working from home is only growing.

A recent Health Leaders Media survey found that nearly 32% of US nurses plan to retire or leave the field by 2025, while 40% plan to pursue a nursing role elsewhere.

Our training program is an effective framework you can use to take advantage of this opportunity.

So, what’s the hurry?

As more nurses flee the hospital environment, there will be more competition in all areas of work involving remote nursing opportunities. A successful business relies upon the cultivation of relationships and repeat business. Avoid regret by taking action now! will help you dramatically change your work reality as a nurse, while keeping you engaged in your clinical specialty.

Our training program teaches you everything you need to know to begin your home-based business within 45 days.

Using nothing but your:
  • License
  • Clinical Experience, and
  • Guts!
Imagine :
  • Being your own boss
  • Setting your own schedule
  • Having the freedom to work from wherever you choose

DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY - Secure your spot and start building your dream career - TODAY.

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About The Course:


Utilize this step by step process to create a better quality of life while securing your financial future!

How It Works

  • We’ll work together for 6 weeks to help you start your own Legal Nurse Consulting Business.
  • Our entire process is designed so that you will be outfitted with all of the templates, tools, business strategies, work experience, and confidence necessary to be successful with your first client...All you need to add is hard work.
  • You will develop your own customized launch plan based on our secrets of successful client development such as:
    • Where to find clients
    • How to gain repeat clients
    • How to establish your niche
  • Every week you will prepare your templates with your customized needs using mock legal scenarios and allow you to practice your work product processes even prior to landing your first client.
  • Every week you’ll get access to a new lesson. You will discuss the material live with your colleagues and instructor, ask questions, and integrate the information you have learned through professional teaching methodology.
  • We develop the professional mindset you will need to be successful with your future clients.
  • Upon completion, you will be confident and ready for your first client as a result of your hard work as well as your applied case experience.

Here’s what we’ll go over:

Week 1#
  • Why nurses are the best expert witnesses!
  • Picture this: Your first gig.
  • The surprising things attorneys want and why.
  • Must have templates.
Week 2#
  • The role of an LNC and why they make so much money!
  • Law without Law School
  • Meet your case study file.
  • What will my first attorney interview look like?
Week 3#
  • What business model do I want?
  • Building the practice.
  • How do I get paid?
  • You got the case, now keep It!
  • I’m going to trial?
Week 4#
  • Report Writing. Not just a cure for insomnia!
  • Student case study work product presentation.
  • Earning the jury’s trust...and keeping it!
  • Practical Tips to Avoid Liability and Manage Risk.
Week 5#
  • The workflow: How to successfully put a case together.
    • Step by step guidance for producing work product.
    • Tips for a successful attorney consultation.
    • How to prepare for a deposition.
  • Mock attorney interviews and discussions.
Week 6#
  • Scaling your firm: Why we all need each other!
  • Additional Hacks to LNC success.
  • Even more opportunities to grow your business based on similar unsaturated markets.

Most Legal Nurse Consulting businesses fail either because:

1) They run out of money looking for clients, or

2) They loose steam and decide to return to their former life

The LNC Launch Academy gets you started in 45 days with low startup costs. 

This strategy is a projection that proves Time and Again:



Here is What our Students are Saying!

Choose the Right Option For You


Ambitious Novice


  • Downloadable Audio & Video Files
  • 1 Year Access to Downloadable media, templates & worksheets
  • 12 hours of essential curriculum content
  • 12 hours of live discussion with colleagues and your instructor on course topics
  • 12 hours of actual work product development and experience with real-life case studies
  • 6 months access to our monthly Mastermind community - networking, support, case referrals, continuing education, etc.

Hungry High Achiever


  • Downloadable Audio & Video Files
  • 1 Year Access to Downloadable media, templates & worksheets
  • 12 hours of essential curriculum content
  • 12 hours of live discussion with colleagues and your instructor on course topics
  • 12 hours of actual work product development and experience with real-life case studies
  • 1 Year access to our monthly Mastermind community - networking, support, case referrals, continuing education, etc.
  • 2- 1on1 consulting calls with JG

Wise Veteran


  • Downloadable Audio & Video Files
  • 1 Year Access to Downloadable media, templates & worksheets
  • 12 hours of essential curriculum content
  • 12 hours of live discussion with colleagues and your instructor on course topics
  • 12 hours of actual work product development and experience with real-life case studies
  • 1 Year access to our monthly Mastermind community - networking, support, case referrals, continuing education, etc.
  • 3- 1on1 consulting calls with JG
  • Featured Expert on ICC website (successful completion required)

My Story – Our Founder

My career started off in the military after nursing school. One of my first assignments was a deployment with the Marine Corps in the invasion of Iraq in 2003. I got my first bedside nursing training there and came back with plenty of experience and resilience. After I finished my commitment, my wife and I decided we wanted to raise a family as civilians. Shortly after I got out of the military, I worked progressively less at the bedside as I promoted through management roles. Management is a tough gig. The more I got promoted, the more:

I wanted something different.

Along the way it became evident that if I elected to change my career path, I would be taking a significant cut in pay and my family would need to make a major lifestyle change.

I realized I was stuck.

There was no worse feeling, because although I loved the job and helping my team create safe and effective care, I was ultimately trapped to endure endless changes in leadership and dwindling resources. Other stressors included enforcing unrealistic staffing plans, obligatory long work hours, high turnover, poor team culture, and the feeling that our patients could receive better care. On one hand, I was so grateful and proud of the opportunity to lead a team to improve the quality of care of our patients...

I was also disillusioned and burned out

One day in 2017, my boss received a letter from a law firm. I made a joke of him being in hot water. He told me he was doing some expert witness work. I was fascinated because it was something he was doing in addition to his full-time job, was a totally different way to use his clinical experience, and as he told me, it was extremely lucrative. I began looking for opportunities by formatting my CV, researching law firms, educating myself on the profession of an LNC, and starting to reach out. It took almost a year for someone to get back to me. My first case came in 2018.

I made lots of mistakes,

but I worked hard, I had a lawyer that was willing to teach me, and I learned little by little over the first year, how to do the job. I had 3 cases that year and built good relationships with the attorneys. My second year I had all three law firms as repeat clients,and they spread the word about my work ethic, integrity, and great work products. I had 12 cases the second year. By the end of my third year, part time, I crossed the threshold of 6 figures of revenue, all by myself. Although I was super excited about what was happening to me, I was still employed full time and stressed from all the demands. I realized that I could no longer afford to keep my full time job! 

My wife and I made the decision to take a leap of faith. Since then my business has grown 25% every year.

I use the same system to teach other experienced RNs to start their own Legal Nurse Consulting business. When I talk to nurses, I hear the same story as I felt myself. They talk about dissatisfaction, feeling out of control in their professional lives, feeling hopeless, frustrated, and feeling like they must choose between their job and families. I can totally identify because this is my story. Our industry is filled with helping people, but so often we give to others and neglect ourselves.

My professional life now is so different,

it frankly feels like a miracle. I was able to become a clinical nursing instructor, a role that I had always considered, but never pursued because the pay was not enough to sustain my family’s needs. Now I work with students and still have plenty of time to complete legal work as I get new opportunities. I exercise more, I work on my own schedule, and I am always available for anything important for my family. I say it is a miracle because it is so much different than the life I lived when I worked in the hospital full time. I never in a million years thought that there were opportunities for me as an RN to reduce the hours I work and increase my annual income.

My new professional work world is... full of “get tos” instead of “have tos.”

I use my 20 years of experience to improve the quality of care for my patients, my students, and in my expert witness work. During the dark times of my former life, I looked at leaving the industry altogether, and even researched opening a Subway sandwich shop. I found out I would need to have several hundred thousands of dollars to purchase the business, pay franchise fees, and keep my business afloat for small margins.

Who would have thought I could have started a business in my own industry, for minimal startup costs, without learning a new trade from scratch.

The LNC Launch Academy has a proprietary system based on the mistakes I made along the way, but more importantly, using formulas that I have used successfully in growing my business and changing my life.

This program is different than what you may have seen in other training programs.

  1. Our training is affordable. There is no need to spend as much as $20,000 on a graduate degree or other training when you can be better prepared for actual client needs with a much better value.
  2. Many of the other programs give information you do not need. In 5 years of working as an LNC, I have never been asked if I was certified. Other programs take anywhere from 8-52 weeks to complete and dangle professional license preparation. Although it is certainly commendable for anyone to become credentialled in any field, the actual requirements for certification requires a minimum of 2000 billed hours. I bill my clients an average of 10 hours per week. This means that you would need to bill for 8 years at that rate to qualify for credentialling!
  3. Dynamic, innovative teaching methods. Our instructors are seasoned educators, comfortable with using dynamic teaching styles to maximize retention and applicability.
  4. We make you more likely to be successful: We teach you where and how to find your clients, not just leave you to hustle and struggle alone. We can help make sure that transition is calculated, and the speed of client acquisition is maximized.
Our program is concise and actually gives what you need.

Our 6-week training cohort is a Three-part process:

12 hours of Essential material

based on what you need to be successful for your clients.

12 hours of weekly discussion groups

with your colleagues to digest the prior material, ask questions of your instructors, and develop a professional mindset based complex application of material.

12 hours of Actual work product development

Using our templates and mock client scenarios, you will develop templates that are branded for your needs and use them to complete your first case experience during your training! Your first case will already be behind you when you get your first paying client!

Enroll today, start your business tomorrow!

Want to start earning right away? Don’t worry: If you get your first client while enrolled in our program, our team will work with you “at the elbow” to make sure you are mentored throughout the process. You have nothing to fear if your business starts faster than you planned!

This opportunity is real:

  1. You can earn more than $200 per hour for consulting and even $500 per hour for testimony.
  2. We teach you about unsaturated areas of opportunity.
  3. You can keep your current job as long as you wish or just reduce your hours to create a new work reality.
We don’t promise pie in the sky!

This field is not for everybody, and we do not admit every applicant.

Our philosophy is to maximize your success by preselecting the right candidates to increase our post program success. We are also interested in continuing relationships with exceptional former alumni and sometimes subcontract our own cases within our pool of experts.

Our next cohort is starting soon and space is limited.

Click below to schedule a call with our team to discover more and see if this is the right opportunity for both of us...

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  Our 1-Year Guarantee:

Recoup this financial investment within your first year in business, or we provide personalized support until you do!


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